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Bright Education was founded in 2015 and is the subsidiary of ToFuture Education Group. It locates in the city centre of Melbourne, Australia. The company has served more than 1,000 customers annually since its establishment and is currently growing and expanding rapidly. The company adheres to people-oriented values. Our mission is to provide professional, responsible and efficient service. We are skilled at using social media and knowledge sharing platforms as innovative ways of strategic marketing. Our vision is to be the most dynamic, innovative and influential migration agency in this industry and to deliver useful information to every customer in need.

We are not only an Australian registered migration agency but also the agent of a number of universities in Australia. Our hard work over the years has helped us earn an excellent reputation in this industry. If you are going to study abroad, planning for immigration, or needing Australian visas, we sincerely welcome you to contact us and let us offer you professional services.

If you plan to study abroad, we will help you choose the most suitable study program for all students by analysing the advantages and job prospects of each program.

If you plan to migrate to Australia, we will inform you of the latest immigration news. Although the immigration policy is changing rapidly, we can always find the best path for you to help you stay in Australia.

If you need to apply for Australian visas, we will use our professional knowledge to bring you high operation standards, so that you can go to Australia without any worries.

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Our advantages

Our team will collect information on each client's hobbies, immigration preferences, property status, career planning, and then combine them with the current immigration policy and future industry prospects. We aim to provide each customer with the most suitable, customized Immigration and study program. Our employees have undergone rigorous on-the-job training, and each case has a professional return visit mechanism. We hope to provide the most thoughtful services to each customer.

We have different teams according to services, including registered education counsellors and registered migration agents. Our education counsellors have been accredited by QEAC, and migration agents have been certified by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Each migration agent has their own expertise that varies from state nomination visas, skilled visas, partner visas to family visas, business visas. Reliability is of great significance in the immigration industry. We pay great attention to our reputation, and we will keep every promise that we made. We can guarantee that you will only gain authentic and in-depth analysis of immigration policy from us.


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We have a professional team of education counsellors and migration agents. Our experienced registered migration agents are proficient in all types of immigration regulations and are able to provide each client with the most suitable immigration plan. Our education counsellors are very knowledgeable about the curriculum characteristics and entry requirements of each university in Australia and can recommend the most suitable courses for students.